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Samsung Galaxy S5: the launch in April is confirmed

While rumors about the next iPhone 6 multiply, with a launch this year , Samsung shows the muscles confirming the release of the Galaxy S5 for the month of April. It could also be presented at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona opens its doors in late February .

The announcement was confirmed by Young Hee Lee , vice president of the mobile division of the giant Bloomberg. The flagship would like iPhone 5s with a biometric sensor to improve its security, but it would eyepiece. A first. On this point, the official did not confirm the rumor.

For cons , the Galaxy S5 will indeed be accompanied by new shows connected Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 which attempt to correct the many flaws of its predecessor.

Samsung , which saw its first decline in eight quarters results , intends to consolidate its leadership in smartphones even if the market starts to mature and become more competitive with the success of Chinese manufacturers such as Huawei and ZTE . S4 elapsed 40 million copies in six months has somewhat disappointed the direction of the giant

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