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The camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy S5 4 will there eight times more clarity than current models?

Last Sunday, we learned that a new report had been published and that it showed that Samsung was working on a new 13- megapixel camera . This camera is supposed to equip future models from Samsung. Thus , we believe that by 2014 , we will be entitled to cameras capable of taking great photos and videos even at night.

Samsung is well aware that he is struggling at this level as more and more manufacturers want to offer these cameras to their customers. Apart from the fact that this device is able to take pictures and videos of good quality even at night, Samsung probably will provide an optical image stabilizer . Therefore , when you watch your pictures and other movies , you 'll feel like you use a professional tripod.

You think this is what you'll find Samsung, and not as well imagine that the objective of this new camera will offer eight times more clarity than that currently used by Samsung . Even more surprising , the optical image stabilization even be able to fix an error angle of 1.5 degrees . To this end , we wish to remind you that when the cameras are not correct such errors than 0.7 degrees . Finally, note that the production of this objective will begin next year. We are confident that Samsung will use its Galaxy S5 , as well as its Galaxy Note 4.

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