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Samsung prepares its Exynos Octa 64 bits

Insofar as we know that Samsung has participated in the development of the A7 CPU iPhone 5S, we will be really surprised to learn that the South Korean Exynos board on a 64-bit and will be integrated in the next phone brand (ahem - Galaxy S5 - huh? ) . And, contrary to what one might think, this is an official statement from Samsung reported by the Korean media daum.net .

It is now that we must take tweezers . According to them, this new 64-bit architecture big.LITTLE Exynos resume . She opts for 4-core ARM Cortex- A57 and 4 ARM Cortex -A53 , instead of A15 and A7 current Exynos Octa , 32 bit then. SamMobile , which relays the information to Daum , said that the chip will certainly " real octo -core " . That is to say, the 8-core can operate at the same time if needed .

For all this to be meaningful, it will obviously Android supports 64- bits . Which , logically , should come with Android 4.4 " KitKat " which will be presented on October 14, if one believes Nestle.

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