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Samsung Galaxy S5: the launch in April is confirmed

While rumors about the next iPhone 6 multiply, with a launch this year , Samsung shows the muscles confirming the release of the Galaxy S5 for the month of April. It could also be presented at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona opens its doors in late February .

The announcement was confirmed by Young Hee Lee , vice president of the mobile division of the giant Bloomberg. The flagship would like iPhone 5s with a biometric sensor to improve its security, but it would eyepiece. A first. On this point, the official did not confirm the rumor.

For cons , the Galaxy S5 will indeed be accompanied by new shows connected Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 which attempt to correct the many flaws of its predecessor.

Samsung , which saw its first decline in eight quarters results , intends to consolidate its leadership in smartphones even if the market starts to mature and become more competitive with the success of Chinese manufacturers such as Huawei and ZTE . S4 elapsed 40 million copies in six months has somewhat disappointed the direction of the giant

The camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy S5 4 will there eight times more clarity than current models?

Last Sunday, we learned that a new report had been published and that it showed that Samsung was working on a new 13- megapixel camera . This camera is supposed to equip future models from Samsung. Thus , we believe that by 2014 , we will be entitled to cameras capable of taking great photos and videos even at night.

Samsung is well aware that he is struggling at this level as more and more manufacturers want to offer these cameras to their customers. Apart from the fact that this device is able to take pictures and videos of good quality even at night, Samsung probably will provide an optical image stabilizer . Therefore , when you watch your pictures and other movies , you 'll feel like you use a professional tripod.

You think this is what you'll find Samsung, and not as well imagine that the objective of this new camera will offer eight times more clarity than that currently used by Samsung . Even more surprising , the optical image stabilization even be able to fix an error angle of 1.5 degrees . To this end , we wish to remind you that when the cameras are not correct such errors than 0.7 degrees . Finally, note that the production of this objective will begin next year. We are confident that Samsung will use its Galaxy S5 , as well as its Galaxy Note 4.

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Samsung galaxy s5 specs: a high-end look and an ultra thin shell for the Smartphone ?

Samsung galaxy s5 specs

While the Galaxy S5 will not start until next year , we expect that this device was a huge success. This upcoming smartphone Samsung promises to have the characteristics of dream. Experts are already talking about a flexible screen dressed in a shell hardly noticeable. On the other hand , it should be noted that no recent leak did not mention the famous reflective tape or a very thin shell of the device. Knowing that fans of Samsung have requested an innovative design , it seems that the Galaxy S5 benefit of a metal design . This is at least claim that our colleagues MobiLeaks .

Samsung Galaxy S5

The dorsal side of the Smartphone

As these beautiful pictures, the camera of this Smartphone will be in back and more specifically, on the upper left side of the box and the flash will get underneath. It is interesting to note that both baffles and reflective tape are placed back . Precisely, this reflective tape will fit the rhythm of the music that you put on and will display some very nice lighting effects .

The front side

The device is supposed to wear a nice design on this side also because the screen gain in volume through the shell virtually invisible. In addition, the device will probably work with Android 4.4 KitKat and use the Samsung's TouchWiz interface. This flexible design allows the Smartphone to comply with the vertical similarly to the iPod Nano , users can reduce the volume if necessary . What is intriguing is that the internal components of the device will be able to detect this movement by putting the music automatically. However , we know that this technology will not be ready before 2014 and that laboratory research continues so that its development is finalized.

Samsung galaxy s5 specs

The camera

In principle, the Galaxy S5 has a camera of 16 mega pixels with an optical image stabilizer and optical zoom option. In fact, the device will come with features that will be clean and can easily compete with the Sony Xperia Z1 , if one sticks to its capabilities and proprietary technology. To create a new segment for the next camera in the Galaxy S series , Samsung might appeal to the superior technology of some manufacturers like Nikon and Carl Zeiss .

A high design

The most radical change at this level is that the Galaxy S5 does not sport a plastic shell. Of course, if Samsung opts for a metal design , this means that the next line of Galaxy S models also will sport a completely different design and we look forward to . On the other hand , such an approach would contribute to the increase in price of these devices because we've noticed that when the output of the HTC One. Also , we believe that Samsung will use quality materials with which the Galaxy S5 gain in elegance and strength . Indeed, the South Korean giant could opt for materials like Kevlar or glass , similar to Motorola Droid and the Sony Xperia series .

Recall that in terms of design, the Galaxy S4 is neither the best nor the worst smartphone this year. However , launching its Galaxy S5 , Samsung will certainly want to make an impression in competing with the new Apple devices, but for this, the group will review its strategy and finishes.

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Samsung prepares its Exynos Octa 64 bits

Insofar as we know that Samsung has participated in the development of the A7 CPU iPhone 5S, we will be really surprised to learn that the South Korean Exynos board on a 64-bit and will be integrated in the next phone brand (ahem - Galaxy S5 - huh? ) . And, contrary to what one might think, this is an official statement from Samsung reported by the Korean media daum.net .

It is now that we must take tweezers . According to them, this new 64-bit architecture big.LITTLE Exynos resume . She opts for 4-core ARM Cortex- A57 and 4 ARM Cortex -A53 , instead of A15 and A7 current Exynos Octa , 32 bit then. SamMobile , which relays the information to Daum , said that the chip will certainly " real octo -core " . That is to say, the 8-core can operate at the same time if needed .

For all this to be meaningful, it will obviously Android supports 64- bits . Which , logically , should come with Android 4.4 " KitKat " which will be presented on October 14, if one believes Nestle.

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Samsung galaxy s5 accessories - Samsung Galaxy S5 aluminum design and a 64-core GPU?

Samsung galaxy s5 accessories

Although its release is expected in 2014, the Samsung Galaxy S5 starts already to talk him through the new rumors about her.

Samsung Galaxy S5

A new concept photo, the next Galaxy S5 could have an aluminum hull, a 16 megapixel camera sensor with 6x zoom without loss of quality, and an optical image stabilizer with support for an additional objective. Even more surprising, the camera has the capacity to absorb 10 times more light. This would allow users to have a better photo rendering for photos taken under difficult lighting conditions. Good news for lovers of photography who will be entitled to one of the most powerful cameras on the market if this news is true.

The shell of the device would be made ​​of water resistant aluminum, and the design is slightly similar to the HTC One.

Other technical attributes of the device based on a full HD Super AMOLED Plus 5 inches with a better organization of pixels than the Galaxy 4, a 6-8 Exynos processor cores clocked at 2 GHz, plus a 64-core GPU , 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage space, news about the TouchWiz interface, and support for LTE 4G and 5G.

The device could also offer the possibility of wireless charging and is equipped with a 4000 mAh battery, in addition to the interface after Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, Bob Freking.

Samsung galaxy s5 accessories

Samsung Galaxy S5: aluminum shell and non-removable battery?
Galaxy S4 g has plastic edges chroméLe Samsung Galaxy S4 rims chromed plastic
According to the information of Android Geeks website, the Samsung Galaxy S5, due out next year, could have a unibody metal shell with nonremovable battery.

The information is to be taken lightly, the Galaxy S4 being sold for less than two months and its evolution, the Galaxy S5 is not expected until early 2014. However, the Android Geeks site claims that the next flagship smartphone from Samsung could mark a major shift in strategy Korean. Indeed, the site, based on a "reliable source" says that the Samsung Galaxy S5 is equipped with a metal shell.

The Galaxy S5 and mark the new trend of Samsung called "design 3.0" that would bring an aluminum hull on iron launches smartphone from the Korean manufacturer. In addition, the S5 also propose a shell "unibody" type is no longer possible to change the battery of the smartphone. This is a real turnaround for Samsung which has so far preferred plastic materials for all its smartphones. Only the Galaxy S4 and has a contour chromed plastic.

Samsung has been widely criticized for his choice of materials against competitors such as Apple, HTC and Nokia to offer free aluminum, stronger and more "noble" than plastic, the iPhone 5, HTC One or Lumia 925. Samsung has always defended the choice of plastic rather than aluminum for reasons so lightly that price. Asked by U.S. CNet last March, YH Lee, executive vice president of Samsung Mobile and explained that the company had chosen the plastic materials in order to produce "large volumes", but also to provide a more sustainable smartphone "plastic is flexible and can better absorb the impact physics. " It seems that three months between March and June, Samsung's enough to completely redefine the approach to design.

samsung galaxy s5 accessories

Galaxy S4 is barely out the Galaxy S5 starts talking to him: according to a source close to Samsung, the company is already actively working on this new terminal, scheduled for 2014. A major overhaul of the design is intended.

Samsung logo sq gbLe runaway success of the Samsung Galaxy S4 - with sales still seem slow - leaves no doubt as to the arrival of a new model on the market next year. But according to a source Android Geeks site, Samsung would plan refreshing its range of devices around the release of this new smartphone, which could be the first to be equipped with an aluminum hull.

Samsung galaxy s5 accessories

This "Design 3.0", as it seems to be called internally currently barter plastic against the metal: a first for the manufacturer, who still defended there is little choice in its shell for its terminals, suggesting the production facility mass plastic shells. But the face of criticism, and competition which is now focusing on the metal - include the HTC One and the Sony Xperia Z - Samsung have finally decided to take the plunge.

This choice would have advantages, but also disadvantages: the main that could be cited is the unibody design that usually accompanies this type of smartphones, which prevents access to the battery, as is the case for models current Galaxy S. It is therefore not certain that all the followers of Samsung devices adhere to the idea.

Still, this rumor is emerging for the time far from the announcement of the Galaxy S5, which should take place next year. Odds are that by then, any intentions Samsung barter plastic against the metal will re talking about them.

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